Be wildfire ready.

Climate change is causing wildfires to get bigger, hotter, and more frequent.

The Government of B.C. is working with experts, communities, and Indigenous partners to reduce wildfire risks and protect the places we love.

If you live in an area at risk of wildfire

Make an Emergency Plan

Knowing what to do, where to go and who to contact will reduce stress and help keep you focused and safe during a disaster. Complete your emergency plan online, save a digital copy or print it out and keep it with your emergency kit and grab-and-go bags.

Protect your home

Simple steps can have a big impact. Help protect your home and community with landscaping and maintenance tips from FireSmart BC.

Stay informed

During an emergency, things can change quickly. Follow your local government or First Nation for updates, evacuation orders, and alerts. For wildfire conditions across B.C., check the BC Wildfire Service.

Wherever you live in B.C.

Prevent wildfires

Approximately 40% of wildfires in B.C. are caused by human activities. Stop wildfires before they start by fully extinguishing campfires and respecting fire prohibitions. Avoid the use of off-road vehicles in tall, dry vegetation.

Travel responsibly

Booking a summer trip? Be cautious when travelling to areas with active wildfires or heavy smoke, and follow all local fire bans and restrictions.

Prepare for smoke

Minimize the health effects of wildfire smoke by knowing the risks, staying indoors when possible, using portable air purifiers, and avoiding physical exertion.

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